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October 15, 2020

7 Things to consider before renting a house

When you think about renting, there are many reasons to believe that it is a sound investment. If you are looking for Rockport rentals, Rockport Living is the best place for you. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know while renting a house. Because when you are thinking about investing money in something, you have to know all its aspects.

Here are the things you should consider and investigate before renting a house

1. Research the area

When you are looking to move in, you have to research the area, are there any hospitals near the house? Are there noisy bars near it? Don’t forget to check out the surroundings.

The tenant must research and inspect the surrounding area before signing an agreement and moving into the house.

2. Check out the white goods

After choosing the house, inspect the appliances (like freezer, fridge, cooker, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) if you notice any defect report before you move in.

Suppose there are appliances mentioned in the inventory list on the agreement. In that case, the tenant should have to inspect them visually and get the landlord to confirm that they all work satisfactorily in writing. The tenant will see the clarification in writing whether the owner agrees to repair or replace said items if they break down.

Responsibility will be determined entirely by evidence of what has been agreed upon between the parties. Hence, it is also essential to get these agreements in writing.

3. Don't forget to check the water pressure too

You have to check out the taps and the shower. If you notice any problem with the water pressure, you can negotiate with the owner before signing the agreement.

Generally, suppose the tenant does not inspect the property before agreeing. In that case, they will not resolve these problems later after signing the contract. However, in some cases, inadequate water pressure may fall within the landlord’s legal obligations.

4. Conduct a thorough inventory

When you are going through the property’s inventory, make sure that you point out every defect and note the items (like taking photos of broken railing).

Give a copy of the implementation to the landlord, and also keep a copy for you. It will give you the ideas your landlord has not prepared an inventory, you are ready on your own, and then ask the owner to sign it. On the other hand, make sure you have taken photographs and request an independent witness to sign the document.

Find out that if the contract contains a release clause

There are two things you have to consider:

A break clause means a fixed-term tenancy for 6 months.

However, it is essential to check out the clause’s specific words to see the conditions: No current rent dues when the tenant wants to activate the clause.

A release clause runs with similar lines but might involve the tenant. They have to pay a fee to release themselves from the agreement at any time. Usually, the tenant has to find someone to replace them, also producing the payment.

Challenge any terms and conditions you are not happy with

If you are not happy with the terms and conditions, you can challenge it. But you can do this before you sign the tenancy agreement.

That will also apply to the landlord’s repair obligations (like fixing a broken cabinet door). Many repair obligations are legal requirements, but the owner must agree with the additional repairs under the tenancy agreement.

The tenant will not enter into the tenancy if the owner does not change the disputed term or condition.

Ask for everything in writing

There is no legal requirement for a list or survey or even a written tenancy agreement, so tenants must request these things if they are not provided.

The owner is legally needed to provide a gas safety certificate. The landlord or agent has to give the landlord’s written name, address, and contact details on request.


Always be realistic with your expectations. As with any investment, rental properties will not produce a sizeable monthly paycheck right away, and choosing the wrong property could be a disastrous mistake for you. If you are looking for rentals in Rockport, Texas, we have several options for you in Rockport Tx. We recommend that you work with an experienced realtor for your first rental property. If you have any queries about this, you can contact us (830) 486-8329; we would like to hear from you. Once you visit here, you would love this place.

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